About me

Hi, I'm Michelle! Nice to meet you.

I'm a recent graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a degree in Computer Science, but now I live in the Seattle area, which is quite an adventure for someone born and raised in rural Michigan. As far as my career goes, I'm a software engineer at Microsoft working in Windows on the Buses Core Team, specifically on USB Type-C (In case you're not familar, "Bus" puts the B in USB).

Evenings and weekends, you can maybe find me working on a side project such as Moonlight Game Streaming. Or, maybe you'll catch me writing a post for my technical blog.

Outside of programming, I design custom printable stationery on Etsy. That hobby must seem like a non sequitur, but don't worry: I named my shop Malloc Designs after everyone's favorite C memory management function.

I absolutely love to travel. I'm fascinated with this planet and all of its natural beauty and the culture we've built around it. While my career is tech-centric and I have many goals there, my personal life goal is to see the U.S. and the world. I have a travel blog detailing a few of my experiences thus far, and I hope I have the opportunity to fill it with more adventures.

Other "fun" facts about me: I love math (especially cryptography and abstract algebra), coffee, trying (and sometimes failing) to cook yummy things, running, and foreign languages. My best advice to women in technology is to stop talking about how you're a woman in technology and to start talking about technology. Mrbit is my goofy nickname (my initials are MRB), hence the site name. Is any of that "fun"?

My Projects

This is just a selection of the things I've worked on - check out my GitHub account if you want the full rundown.

  • Moonlight An open-source version of NVIDIA Gamestream, formerly titled Limelight. Stream Steam games to your other devices and play them from there!

  • PerfectHash Library for Windows written in C to generate a hash function with no collisions. There are no performant implementations of a perfect hash generator that I could find, so I built one.

  • RTSPlib I wrote an RTSP parser in C. RTSPlib was later integrated into the backend of Moonlight, where its bugfixes and feature additions now live.

My main areas of interest are driver development and operating systems.

Work Experience


Software Development Engineer.
2014 -

I'm a full-time developer in Windows on the Buses Core Team. I work on the USB stack!
Previously, I worked on the Hardware Lab Kit team.


Software Development Engineer in Test - Intern.
2012 - 2013

Two summer internships within Windows Phone. With the Customer Experience Team, I wrote test automation for the GDR 2 Update. With the Backup and Restore team, I wrote test automation for wallpaper backup and restore as well as created an internal phone app.

Arch Environmental Group

Industrial Hygienist - Intern.

With Arch's HealthAir division, I traveled to asbestos abatement sites within southeast Michigan. My responsibilities were to ensure the construction crew followed regulations and to take air samples to make sure fiber counts were within an acceptable range... plus I got to wear a HAZMAT suit.

My education

Case Western Reserve University
Class of 2014

Bachelor of Arts: Computer Science
Minors: Mathematics, Political Science
Four years exploring the delightfully unpredictable Cleveland, OH while learning about things like cryptography, puzzles, and Sudanese politics.

American University of Sharjah
Study Abroad 2013

One semester studying abroad in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates studying the culture and learning Arabic... but simultaneously trying not to get too excited about my surroundings to do well in classes like Computer Networks and Scientific Computing.

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