Regex Golf Problems


The links for the specialized problems no longer work, but you can still try your hand at regex golf at Regex Golf.

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This is the landing page for the CWRU Hacker Society Regex Golf Competition - April 16, 2016.

How to submit your answers: Take a screenshot of each of your solutions, including the point value. Add up the total number of points and include this value in your email.

Send the screenshots and total points to with the subject line

Regex Golf: [Your name] [number of points]

Submissions close one hour after the competition begins.

REMEMBER, you will win points based on a combination of brevity and correctness. There exists a correct regex for all of the problems. If you can’t think of a perfect regex, try to come up with one that isn’t perfect but will get you some points to keep you in the competition!

Must be present at the end to win a prize or a raffle gift. Raffle and winners will be announced at the end of the hour. Happy golfing!

Prizes are sponsored by incredible Hacker Society Alumni! If you win one, shoot a “thank you” email to these guys! Aaron Neyer (agn31), John Gunderman (jrg149), David Jannotta (daj40), Fred Hatfull (fxh32), Stephanie Hippo (slh74), Brian Stack (bis12), Hirsch Singhal (hps12), Michelle Bergeron (mrb113), Jason Kuster (jrk126)

Written on April 16, 2016