Moving up in the blog world - Microsoft Windows USB Core Team Blog

I have recently enjoyed the opportunity to write some blog posts as part my job (which, if you’re new here, is a software engineer at Microsoft for the Buses team, most lately working on USB Type-C). Since I view this personal blog as a way to share my technical writing, I’ll post links to them here and update the list whenever I write more at work for our official team blog.

Since the Windows USB Core Team Blog is intended for a different audience than this one, the posts I make there probably aren’t very entertaining and (un)fortunately don’t contain any of my signature terrible jokes. You’ll have to stick around this site if you want any of those.

Posts on the USB Core Team Blog

  • Do I need to write a driver for my USB Type-C hardware?

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away… USB device manufacturers were missing clear documentation indicating whether or not they needed to develop a new driver for their USB Type-C product. Jedi Master Michelle wielded the power of the Force to elucidate when you need to write a specific driver for a USB Type-C product.

  • Setting up an environment to run USB Type-C system HLK tests

    A thrilling saga about configuring machines to run USB Type-C tests required to certify your system! Will our brave heroine complete the cable conundrum? Will she successfully set up the software suite? Tune in next week to find out - Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

Written on July 6, 2016